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A superb introduction set to the incredible world of computer control by Hornby. This set includes the amazing ‘eLink’ digital unit which when connected to a PC or laptop and with the ‘RailMaster’ software loaded provides control access to 9999 locomotives and in excess of 2000 electrical accessories and points.

Included in the set is a GWR Class 2721, an assortment of wagons plus an oval of track with siding which can be easily extended using the Hornby Track Pack system. (PC not included).


GWR Class 2721 0-6-0 locomotive
Lowmac wagon with load
Open wagon
Brake Van

3rd Radius Starter Oval
Track Pack A (with point and buffer stop)
'eLink' contol unit
1 amp Wall Plug Transformer
R8241 Power Track

Space Required:- 1600 mm x 1180 mm

Your Price:£129.99