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We have a range of Radio Controlled Cars that suits all skill levels.

A first model might be factory assembled and painted, or could be a simple kit that is screwed together in a couple of evenings.

As you get more advanced the cars get more complex with a greater range of adjustments and options requiring some modelling skill and mechanical understanding.

Touring cars are intended for use on a smooth surface, so a suitable piece of tarmac will be needed.

Buggies are best suited to cut grass, compacted dirt or tarmac.

Trucks are great for longer grass, jumps and general hooning around.
FTX Surge MT Image
FTX Surge Truggy Image
FTX Vantage Image
FTX Carnage Image
FTX Bugsta Image

FTX Bugsta

BSD Prime Assault Image
Maverick Strada DC Image
Helion Conquest 10SC XB Image
BSD Flux Baja V2 Image
BSD Flux Assault V2 Image
Helion Conquest 10SC XLR Image
FTX Vantage Brushless Image
FTX Carnage - Brushless Image
HPI Firestorm 10T Image
Nanda NRB-5 Nitro Buggy Image
HPI Bullet ST Image
HPI Bullet MT Image