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We have a range of aircraft models to suit all skill levels. The models shown here are generally of a foam construction and require little or no assembly, spare parts are available in the event of an accident. If have not flown before, you might like to use the following information as a guide:-

If you have not flown before your first model should be a high wing trainer or motor glider.
This would normally have 3 functions (Throttle / Elevator and Rudder). With a high wing the model basically flies itself and you 'guide' it around the corners.

Having mastered the basics the next stage would be a low wing trainer, this would usually add Ailerons to the controls giving you a greater level of control and allowing you to do some simple aerobatics.

After successfully mastering a low wing trainer you could then look at more the manouverable aircraft like Spitfires and Mustangs.

Having somewhere sensible to fly is a must. Away from people, animals, roads and trees. Insurance is advisable.
You might like to join your local flying club. Details can be obtained from the British Model Flying Association.
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