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Quadcopters Image
We have a range of Quadcopters that are available to suit all skill levels, If you have not had one before you might like to use the following information as a guide:-

Complete Beginner All Age Ranges:-

A small model around 120mm that can be flown indoors or outdoors in minimal wind. Light in weight it won't sustain any real damage in a crash. A good training tool to see if you are any good at flying.

Complete Beginner 10+

A medium sized model around 200mm in size for use in bigger indoor areas or outdoors. Still fairly lightweight so care is needed with wind. Generally more stable due to their size.

Some Experience 12+

A larger model around 300mm in size for use outdoors only. Most models have a camera and some are FPV enabled. Will fly better in some wind, but are more susceptible to crash damage due to their weight.